Download Free Trial of ProRangeMarketAOEMA

Download Free 7 Day Trial of NEW ProRangeMarketAOEMA

Download your free 7 day trial  NinjaTrader 7, Goto Utilities>Import Ninjascript, select Rainbow4 file from your downloads folder.

  1. Restart your NinjaTrader program after you import the file (otherwise you will  be prompted to contact us to use the strategy).
  2. Use the ProRangeMarketAOEMA Strategy.  (The other ProRange Strategies work but do not have all of the features of the ProRangeMarketAOEMA)
  3. Find the ProRange Bars in your Data Series drop down. (Control +F)
  4. Once downloaded, please visit Members page for How to videos and ATM settings.
  5. Set up your screen colors and ATM settings for the Small Trade, Large Trade and Aroon Oscillator ATMs.
  6. In the data series options are days to load.  The default is 5 days.  The more days that you set the loading, the more time it takes for the strategy to draw the prior signals.  It can take several minutes for the strategy to load depending on how many days your settings are on and the speed of your computer.
  7. Please text your phone number to 516-317-7217 with your name so we can follow up with you in a week and help you with any questions in getting set up.
  8. If you are having set up issues, please download Team Viewer and we will schedule an appointment to log into your computer and help you with the set up process.
  9. Many questions regarding the NinjaTrader 7 platform can be addressed to  NinjaTrader Support.