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Part 1: How to Videos:

  1. How to install the ProRangeMarketAO Strategy
  2. How to set up the ProRangeMarketAO Strategy
  3. How do I set up my screen colors?
  4. Tips on how to manage a losing trade and use the Fibonacci Projection tool
  5. How to Subscribe to ProRangeMarketAO
  6. How to use Forex Factory Calendar To Set Up Your Avoid Times
  7. How to Set Avoid Times in the ProRangeMarketAO Strategy
  8. How to Change Range Bar Length to Filter Out Bad Signals
  9. How to Use Market Replay Data to Adjust ATM Settings
  10. How to set Up PnL when Flat and currency settings in Chart Trader
  11. How to set AO Crossover period to 10 to get better AO signals
  12. Settings for 1 Contract in Gold and Range 2
  13. Bounce Trade off 20 EMA
  14. Bounce Trade off 50 EMA
  15. Reverse AO Signal
  16. NEW ProRangeMarketAOEMA 
  17. Sample Trading 1 Contract in CL using only the Bounce 20 and Bounce 50 and EMA filters in ProRangeMarketAO Version 2.0
  18.  Sample Trading of 1 Contract in GC using only the Bounce 20 and Bounce 50 trades with the EMA filter
  19. Program Overview 
  20. Sample NQ and 6E 

Part 2: Other links:

  1. Use this link to find out the Rollover Dates for Each Futures Contract
  2. Use this link for the ForexFactory Calendar to set your Avoid Times
  3. Why gold is going to break out from CNBC
  4. Short Selling L Shape from IBD

Part 3: Current Settings:

Here are my current ATM settings:  (Subject to Change)

I’ve been using a new Range Bar settings

Current ATM Settings

If you have been experiencing  good results with your own settings, please let me know!!!

Settings for Range 35 NQ and 6E